Thursday, 4 June 2015

Willimantic, Ct. May 2015

A trio of P&W power working away in the Willimantic, Ct. yard on May 28, 2015. A busy place during our visit.
Don and I traveled to New England to attend the RPM Collinsville Meet. We were gone about a week and visited a few rail museums and railfan locations. I don't want to talk about the hobby shops we visited...between us we have enough to stock a hobby shop.

One stop was in Willimantic to visit the railway museum in town. As it turned out it was closed which turned out to be a blessing as we headed over to the overhead bridge which spans the yard. When we arrived there was a set of P&W power laying over in the yard. The NECR has changed the transfer location now from New London, Ct. to Willimantic. Shorty after taking our photos of the layover power a P&W train arrives with power on both ends. As it turned out there was two crews along with a rover in a car that was handling the switching in town. At one point we had photos which included two jobs moving around with the layover power included. The layover power was started up by one crew. It may have left with one crew. As this all was happening The Chronicle news photographer appeared on the scene and asked if she could take our photo for the paper and do a short interview...a really interesting and unexpected stopover. We left before the P&W did to catch the action in Palmer, Ma and supper at the Palmer station's outdoor patio...George Dutka

Layover power on May 28, 2015.
June 2, 2015 Chronicle supplied to us by Pieter Roos who was surprised to see us in his local paper.
Don and Roxanne the Willimantic Chronicle photo-reporter discuss railroading and photography.
A last view from Willimantic, Ct.


  1. Very cool to get interviewed!

  2. Another big news day in Connecticut, I see! Congrats - I'll have to get your autographs next time I see you. (grin!)

    Great to see you both, however briefly, at the New England / Northeast RPM last weekend. It was my first time there and I had a lot of fun. I'll definitely be going back.

    And remember: Any time you want to come up my way, the layout is open and the pub is ready to feed you...


    - Trevor (Port Rowan in 1:64)

    1. Will do Trevor when we both get our act together we will come down on the train...autographs, we should be getting yours first...using my friends computer at the lake today to get a post out...its really cold here tonight...George

  3. Nice shots of the P&W, may have to pick up one of those atlas units. Being the intense railfans You and Don are. Nickel Plate 765 will be in Buffalo on August 1&2 running excursions between Buffalo and Corning LV 8AM. JOHN