Tuesday, 9 June 2015

WRD 200,000 Blog Visitors

I took a few night shots of the  Montrealer No. 61 during it stops at Essex Jct. on Sept. 7, 1991. Seems like a busy stop that evening with a crowd on the platform.
Another mile marker passed today. It does not seem that long ago I started this blog, but it has been over 4 years now. I actually have a lot to cover in the near future and Don is working on a couple posts from our last trip. I have part finished posts on my overhead bridge which spans the opening into the next room, a CV boxcar section house, a N scale creamery and CV 8081 to begin with. I still need to cover my B&M WRJ yard office and the Polka Dot dinner that was built over the last couple years. So check back when you have time and see what I have drummed up...George Dutka

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