Sunday, 11 October 2015

Fall Update

A Rutland freight is seen passing the pumpkin patch on the WRD during harvest season. Have a great fall season modeling and railfanning!
Happy Thanksgiving from Canada!

What happens down in the basement when you get your hardwood floors refinished?
I am still not in modeling mode yet as our house renovation are nearing an end. Our kitchen cupboards go in next week and the counter tops arrive and electrician finish off the week after.

Looking down at my desk/workbench last week.
Here is something to think about if you get your hardwood floor re-finished as we did about two weeks ago. We expected to find a good amount of dust on the main floor which we did and not all that much upstairs on the second floor...which was the case. After a full week of washing windows, wiping down walls and dusting fixtures I went downstairs to begin hauling up doors and trim to be re-installed. To my surprise there was more dust down there than anywhere else in the house. It appears anywhere there is a gap such as heat vents and fresh air vents and even the joints in the flooring dust fell down. Also with the sander vibrating away I am thinking any dust in the rafter (no finished ceiling down here) fell down. Well there is a ton of dusting to do in my workshop and grand-kids playroom. I was lucky with the layout room as I have heavy  plastic sheeting attached to the ceiling...the dust was minimal there. I guess that might be something to think about if you are doing your floors soon...George Dutka

This area got the worst of the dust while most of the room had some degree that needed cleaning. All is well now.


  1. We had our floors done this year too - not much in the way of dust, but the polyurethane leaked through the floor/basement ceiling in couple of places. Thankfully, none of it got on the layout! On a nicer note - LOVE LOVE LOVE the pumpkin patch! As you know, I'm modeling Autumn as well and a pumpkin patch is a Definite Must Have! Thanks for the inspiration - Happy Modeling Season indeed!

  2. Hi Chris:
    Glad your floors went well...for more pumpkins check out the Nov. RMC...George