Friday, 30 October 2015

Flea Market Finds - CNR, CPR Stock Cars

The three recent acquisitions are now posed on the WRD layout.  A nice photo of similar car CP 273576 graces the rear cover of the recent Morning Sun Books release, Canadian Pacific Color Guide to Freight and Passenger Equipment, Volume 2.
Commentary by Peter Mumby...............Photos by George Dutka

George and I attended the Woodstock Model Railroad Flea Market in mid-October.  While I was setting up my tables, George acted as a one-man reconnoitering party, searching out the deals in the vicinity.  He soon beckoned me to a nearby table where he had found three Westerfield Fowler stock cars.  According to a sticker on each box, they had been expertly assembled by John Morris of Railway Model Services of Winnipeg, Manitoba.  Now, George and I enjoy assembling and detailing rolling stock as much as the next modeller, but we are not averse to acquiring nicely-done cars from other sources.  It is especially nice when you are able to identify the builder.  At any rate, the purchase was made, and George decided to keep one of the CN cars, leaving me with one CN car and one CP car.  At an earlier show George had picked up a similar car in a semi-completed form, so this will probably provide him with the impetus needed to finish it off.  Watch for a future post on the topic!

Here we see the three new cars on the workbench.  The only change I have made to this point is the addition of a little PanPastel weathering on the lower sides and ends.  Note that each model shows differences in doors, roofs, and ends.
George's CNR stock car with box and John's stamp.


  1. Good chance to STOCK up on these cars!

    Yes, London Reclam Yard! Any views would be greatly-appreciated!

    1. Hi Eric:
      Will post some Rec yard in the in Hilton Head SC eventually heading to the Florida Keys for a bit so will not be doing anything till I get back and scan some photos in...probably Dec...George