Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Overpass Scene Update

An Overpass Scene to Hide the Transition Between Two Rooms..by Don Janes

     Back in July 2014 I added a post about hiding the transition between the two separate rooms that make up my layout.  At that time I decided to use a highway overpass that I had left over from my old layout.  I just didn't want to add the standard tunnel scene in this area because frankly, the only tunnel that I know of on the CV was under downtown Bellows Falls.  On the other hand there are all kinds of highway overpasses in Vermont and this could represent a very typical scene that could be found pretty much anywhere.  The scene sat dormant for a while because I was busy finishing the benchwork on another part of the layout and I really didn't know how I was going to finish the scene.  I finally buckled down and planned how the scene should look and got busy with the scenery.  
The scene is getting close to being completed but still lacks ballast on one main line and trees and bushes on the right hand side of the scene.  A Rutland caboose hop is just heading under the bridge.
     Once the basic scenery base was down I started adding dirt, ground foam, static grass and trees.  It was at this point I decided to tone back the fall foliage and lean more to late summer greenery.  For this area I used mostly Scenic Express Supertrees and various shade and brands of green foliage and flocking and Grand Central Gems evergreen trees.
This is an overall view of the area looking down at the highway and railroad tracks.  The large structure in the rear is a rock crusher scene and the track running behind the trees leads to hidden staging.  The road still needs to be weathered.
Most of the roadside details such as guard rails have been added as well as the details in the scenery such as rocks, weeds and old logs.  Some highway signs need to be added once I decide which ones to use.
     When modelling a road scene there are a lot of small details to be added such as guard rails, highway striping and road signs.  Every time I look at a prototype highway scene I see another small detail that can be added to enhance the realism.  
     At this point I will leave off the finer details until I am sure most of the background work is done because I have a tendency to knock over small details when reaching into a scene to add more details.  I am really pleased how this area is coming along and I think it gives the feeling of a typical rural area that could be found just about anywhere you travel.
At this point the road makes the transition from 3D scenery to disappearing into the painted backdrop. 
In this final shot a B&M caboose brings up the rear of a northbound freight.  The block signal indicates the routing to either the main line or hidden staging.  It still needs to be wired and permanently installed.


  1. The CV had a couple other tunnels that I can think of: one on the Southern Division near Uncas' Leap in Norwich, CT; and the tunnel along the Winooski River, just before the interchange yard in Burlington, VT

  2. Simple, realistic and well-designed. That was a good idea to toss away the proverbial tunnel entrance. The broad sweeping curve and the angled overpass makes it visually dynamic and interesting... I'm pretty sure those c-liners must look great running under it at medium speed.