Saturday 24 October 2015

Havelock - Open Air Facility

ACFX 44827 stands with hatches open ready to receive its load.  Note the crushed rock surface applied to this recently-opened facility......July 03, 2015


  1. Excellent post on this topic, George! Interesting uses for Havelock yard trackage. I'll link to this post on Trackside Treasure.

    I understand some shipments are made at Havelock, while CN Belleville continues to ship the remainder. I blogged that operation last summer:

    Don't forget - CN's London Reclamation yard would be a great topic!

    1. Hi Eric:
      I was thinking about doing an article of the CN Reclamation yard here in London for one of the magazines...maybe I should do a blog post first touching on how it worked out...took a lot of photos in the yard and from trains while I sat on the mainline looking into it over the years...I actually worked the yard switcher (called the sand pit job) that switched there as a yardman, foreman and lastly an engineman...George Dutka

  2. That's a great description of the local "industry". This is definitely something that could be modeled easily.