Friday, 25 March 2016

Bellows Falls Yard - Update

The station platform is in place but the awning is yet to be built. Seems the WRD will use it as is with a passenger train arriving in town. I think a cab was called for someone. The frt. house is also in service now.
Last weekend I had a big push to get something done in the Bellows Falls yard scene. On Friday afternoon I hooked up overhead lighting, finished the wiring and airbrushed the tracks Floquil rail brown. Saturday and Sunday I did not leave the house and got a lot done. Over 50% of the yard is ballasted with Highball cinder ballast...a mix of HO and N scale. I also got some ground cover down with a bit of static grass included. By the end of Sunday I was adding a few details. With some luck I might squeeze sometime in over Easter downstairs once again. If not it will have to wait till I get back from this years Fine Scale Model Railroad Expo in the Boston area. This year Peter Mumby is tagging along...should be fun...George Dutka

The plaster cloth is all in place and about to get a coat of earth paint.
The station platform is in place made from Gatorfoam. I used a bit of plaster cloth to tie it all together. It is painted and ready for some scenery. To outline the platform which will be removable scrap Gatorfoam is glued down.

I normally work from the rear to the front of the layout but this time I am not sure what I want to add near the wall. A stop in Bellows Falls coming or going to Boston will help me out.

This is how the scene looked like when I called it a night on Sunday evening. I actually put some rolling stock down to see how it all looks even though the ballast was not dry yet. Was nice to find out the next morning none of the rolling stock was permanently mounted.


  1. Hello George, your Robertson structure looks great along with the rest of the scene. Wouldn't have known about Robertson if I didn't see it on one of your previous posts. I'm presently working on Brigham Gelatin also from one of your posts. May go to Brantford tomorrow... keep that info flowing, JOHN

    1. Hi John you will like tomorrows post then...have fun in Brantford...George