Saturday, 5 March 2016

Trying a New Paint - Model Color by Acrylicos Vallejo

Using a small brush this paint applied well to N scale windows and doors.
When Gary gave me his N-Scale CLD kit to finish off he also gave me a container of paint for the trim. I still am using Floquil and Scalecoat for most of my painting so this paint is new to me. Other than the title Model Color all else was in Spanish so I needed to do some research into the product. I found all I needed  about AV paints in a past MR.

AV Model Railroader Review:
"Thin 50% with distilled water and air brush 20-40psi. These acrylics are among the finest hand-brushing paints. From the bottle, they cover in a single coat and level so well that brush strokes all but disappear. The viscosity that make Model Color hand-brush so well also makes it difficult to airbrush. Once mastered the paints cover well and dry smooth." 

So after a test on some strip wood I applied the paint full strength to the trim, windows and doors. It applied nicely by brush to the wood although I found it a bit thin so some spots needed a second coat. This appears to be a nice product and I will try some other colours in the future...George Dutka


  1. George

    I have used Vallejo successfully but only with a very good brush and well watered down. Three colors (Smoke #181, Leather brown # 147, and Green Brown # 114) have been the most useful.

    1. Thanks Roger for your input...good to hear how others have fared with this paint...George