Sunday, 20 March 2016

Proto Flat and Gondola

My finished 52'6" Proto gondola. Although it is nicely lettered and painted I don't believe this particular car style was included in the CN fleet. Rapido  has a CN  52'6" gondola car.
Two more cars got a quick makeover back in January. The Proto 2000 gondola is one of three I have in stock. The gondola and flat seen here were assembled by someone else. When I got them they both were missing a few detail parts and one end door on the gondola which I located in my stock kits. This project only took me an afternoon to finish and put  in service...George Dutka

The Proto flat model is lettered for the ONR and is seen in service on the WRD. A Tichy brake wheel was used for the missing one.

I added some scrap details to the flat as interest such as scrap lumber, wire ties and newspapers. The deck is Floquil grime, then Hunterline Weathering mix and Bragdon powders. A-Line stirrups are used.
The car sides are covered with Bragdon dark rust with dust on the trucks and bright rust on the couplers.

Better look inside. The flooring got a coat of Model Master wood followed by a wash of India ink and some Bragdon powders.
Looking inside one can see the bridge ties with a bit texture. I used Westboro ROW dirt and cinders along with Scenic Express Texture, Farm Pasture Mix.

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