Sunday, 20 August 2017

Along the St. J - 1968

In storage on Septmber 30, 1968 Morrisville Vermont...Ian Stronach photos.
Ian sent me these great views and a few words that I thought you would love to see...enjoy the trip...George Dutka

"I liked seeing Gord Taylor’s SJ&LC shots the other day so I dug up a few of my own to share from my files.  My notes have long disappeared and I suspect as a 15-16 year old I was more interested in getting lots of pictures than making entries in notebooks.  That said, these photos are from the first of three trips to the St. J.  This trip was made on September 30, 1968 when I found the out of service 70 tonners in Morrisville, Vt. and followed the daytime St. J turn from St. Johnsbury to Morrisville"...Ian Stronach. 

Out of St. J. 1968.

More engines stored in Morrisville, Vermont 1968.


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