Thursday, 31 August 2017

WM Double Door Boxcar

On the WRD a WM double door boxcar is ready for service. It got some PanPastel weathering followed by a light overspray of boxcar red. The trucks are rubbed with a pencil to get a bit of that metal look.
Here is another of the part built $5.00 kits I picked up back last winter. It did not need much work so I easily finished it off before heading to the lake in the spring. I don't have a lot of 40' double door cars in my fleet and I am not sure if this one would have been seen in New England...but for now it will on the WRD. It might become a trading chip in the future.

This model came with a Tichy roofwalk which would have been a lot nicer than the stock part. I cut off the grabs adding Tichy replacements. I also bent uncoupling levers and added bent wire bleed rods. I also clipped off the coupler pins.

I did change out the stirrups with A-Line 29002