Friday, 11 August 2017

Tuesday Railfanning

Along River Rd. CN EB container train approaches the crossing just east of Komoka, Ont. This day there are 4 units on the train, 2188-8885-2326-2282.
 On Tuesday Aug. 1, 2017 I did not plan on doing any railfanning as I drove home from the lake. Passing over the crossing near Komoka, Ont. on river road a CN EB was approaching. This is the same location I posted April 2017 Snapshot. I picked the same location although it is now kind of overgrown but enough of a gap to get a half decent view. Then it was off to the CN credit union which now is combined with Your Neighbourhood Credit Union. The CN credit Union used to be in the VIA station but now is a couple of blocks away. As I passed the Via station I noted #72 EB was arriving with a Canada 150 unit on the lead. So another unplanned stop is made and a few quick photos are taken before I was escorted off the platform. These days the station area is all fenced off with only ticket holding passenger allowed through the gate and onto the platform. The side gate was open where a cart is normally pulled I walked in. Back in the day I knew everyone working the ticket office and platform in London, but that is not the case these days....they are all retired and it has been 8 years since I last worked in town. As it turned out it was a pretty productive morning for a trip home from the lake. It was lucky I have my camera in the car most days through the summer...don't want to miss a sunset at the lake...George Dutka

The Canada 150 VIA unit on the head end of VIA 72 Windsor to Toronto on the London platform.

VIA 72 also had a 150 coach in its consist.
The VIA station platform in London has a nice selection of Canada 150 banners.

A Canada 150 poster inside the VIA station London.

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