Saturday, 6 January 2018

Abandoned Fuel Tank

My fuel tank is almost complete...still a few signs to be added.
I picked up this fuel tank for a couple of bucks at a recent train show. I originally was going to clean it up and sell it but I kind of liked it and have a spot in Westboro that would be enhanced with it's presence...George Dutka

This is how the tank looked when I got home.

I added some wire to each side, or to the hand rail areas. The wood components are weathered with PanPastels.
I gave the whole tank and supports a spray bomb coat of flat black to begin. On the tank I added some acrylic tube paint rust spots. I used Bragdon and PanPastels to finish the weathering.

Texaco signs and danger signs are applied . Some scrap piping and wood is placed on the decking.

A close look at some of the rust weathering.
On the backside I added a older era Texaco sign and of course a No Smoking sign.

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