Friday, 19 January 2018

CP Cabooses in SWO

CP 508 near Milton, Ont. Dec. 17, 1989. George Dutka collection
Here is a group of CP caboose photos I have taken or from my collection. I did a bit of scanning a couple of months ago and thought I would share these with you...George Dutka

Jan. 6 1990, London, Ont. George Dutka photo

Nov. 1989 Agincourt yard Toronto. George Dutka photo

Agincourt yard Toronto, Nov. 1989 George Dutka photo

St. Thomas, Ont. March 15. 1990. George Dutka photo

London, Ont. June 27, 1990. George Dutka photo


  1. Thanks very much for sharing these! I don't think I'd seen a no-multimark end-cupola van before!

  2. The little cart in the 3rd photo is an interesting detail!

    1. Hi Adrian...not sure the history of that thing...George