Monday, 3 June 2019

Language of Light - NERPM Meet

A very well built diorama by Rick Conley that is accented by the use of a spotlight. 
Ken Karlewicz set up a spot light on Rick Conley's diorama to present the effects he talked about in his clinic "Language of Light". It was interesting to see these effects discussed. Don and I took a few photos so we could see for ourselves. Rick did a wonderful job building his diorama. We talked to Rick for a bit and found he loves building structures. Ken also included a couple views of Ricky's layout in his presentation which is awesome...George Dutka
Ken set up a spot light up high and on an angle to the diorama to better present the effects he talked about during his clinic. A very learning experience.

The direction of the light puts some interesting shadows along the sides and backs adding a lot of interest to photos taken by us.
We worked our way around the diorama to check out the shadows as we took our shots such as on the farmhouse. Now I need to go home and check my spotlight positioning. On Sunday while visiting Neil Schofield layout I noted he also uses spotlights to highlight scenes adding to the realism.

 Note the shadows that the trees throw into the scene. Even lighting is not always the answer when taking photos. Don Janes photo

Don Janes photo taken at a different angle than mine above shows more shadows thrown into the scene makes it look much more realistic. Something we should be doing on our layouts.

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