Thursday, 6 June 2019

NERPM Meet - Display Models

Neil Schofield's kitbashed CP Rail RS-18 and brass caboose

Models At The NERPM Don Janes

     As you can see from the several previous posts, George and I took in a lot this past weekend.  I thought I would share a few photos of some of my favourite models that were on display.  I will likely do it in a couple of posts as there are just too many for one post.  The models were on display in a large banquet room.  There were a lot of excellent models on display showing off the amazing talent of many model railroaders.  This hobby is alive and growing from what I saw.  My only complaint about this room was the poor lighting under which to view the models.  It was hard to see all the great work that these guys put into their models. (or maybe it was just my aging eyesight).  Hats off to the organizers of the meet for putting on an awesome show.  It was truly a great weekend.
Two more of Neil's models showing off his excellent detailing and weathering on a GT GP-9 and B&M GP-40
One model that caught my eye was this nice looking B&M RS-2 done by Paul Goewey.  Paul detailed and painted this Kato model.  It was the only B&M RS-2 that was painted in this colour scheme. I have the same project on my workbench now only I am using a Proto 1000 model.
Dale Kritzky brought along this great looking brass GM&O RS-1.  The detail on this model was amazing. I especially liked the open roof hatches.  I believe this model belongs to Dale's dad.
Dale also brought along a Walthers SW-1 that he is working on.  He is using KV Models etched metal parts to detail this model. Note the etched fans on the front. These parts are really amazing and fine but very sturdy. He has also added a Canon cab to the model.  Hopefully he will have the finished model on display next year. 
Ryan Mendell had this nice looking GT wheel car on display Ryan did an amazing amount of work on this model so it would match the prototype.  You can see more on this model on Ryan's blog "South Paris Switcher"
This EJ&E boxcar is another model that Ryan brought. I am not sure of it's origin but he has done a beautiful job on weathering this highly detailed car.
This B&M baggage car caught my eye.  As you can see from the builder's description notes, a lot of work went into this car.  Too bad the lighting wasn't better so you could see all the work that went into it.

As a follow-up to a photo that George posted of this gas station that Kip Grant built, I shot a photo with flash to show off all the interior detail that Kip added to the structure.  As you can see from these two photos Kip included everything right down to the lady waiting for her car to be repaired, likely dreading what the final bill will be.

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