Saturday, 14 September 2019

B&M No. 304 - Weathered

B&M heads into Bellows Falls, Vermont on the WRD.
I purchased this engine a few years back which was painted, decaled and detailed to some degree. It is an older Athearn blue box that I turned into a dummy engine. The photos show how it looks once I added some weathering. I like purchasing cheap engines ($20) to try my hand at weathering...leaving my Rapido models safe for now...George Dutka

The early offerings had heavier hand rails but this is OK as it will not be used a lot and will be a trailing engine at best.
The weathering looks on the lighter side when seen from a distance, but I feel I did add a lot.
I did a bit of clear coat paint peeling when viewed up close. The walkways are all rusted up with some oil seen seeping under the car body doors.
The handrails got a few rust spots along with the short nose end. There was some nice details found on this model such as the MU hoses and plow.
The plow has a good amount of rust also...maybe too much but when on the layout it looks fine.
The bell is also mounted on the side similar to the prototype. The fuel tanks got some oil spills and rust stains.
I am happy to have this engine in my fleet even if it will be normally a trailing engine.


  1. I like it George. Nice work. One thing I notice is the silver and rust on the inside of the horn. Never would have thought of that.

    Jim at the JSSX.

  2. Hi Jim, thanks. This is only my third attempt with acrylics on an engine...George

  3. George, I'm wondering if that's actually an Atlas GP40. The molded on grabs and the really thick handrails, plus the rebate in the fuel tank, make me think this -- not that it makes a whole lot of difference, it' a great looking loco.

  4. Hi John thanks, I actually did not look that closely at it...just assumed it was a blue box loco...George