Tuesday, 10 September 2019

Burlington, Ont. - Station

Note the station has a lower level of stone...more on that in the last view. The station after 134 years of service was closed in 1988.
Views from my visit to the restored CNR Burlington, Ont. station on the weekend. A second post later today will take us back to New England...George Dutka

In the operators office.
A really nice looking display.
The station area also houses a CN motor car and the TH&B inspection car.
I could not really get a good look at the TH&B inspection car which is a 1951 Chrysler being converted into a highrailer in 1956. Was nice that it is preserved and secured.
This is an extra stone used along the bottom of the station. This was once ballast from an ocean freighter that was unloaded here before having cargo loaded. The stone was cut in the British Isles. Don't recall the exact location. I tried picking it up...there is a lot of weight to it.

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