Tuesday, 10 September 2019

Rockingham Jct. NH

Rockingham Jct. May 19 1934. Although a poor quality photo it is interesting to see a down now view of the station area. George Melvin collection.
Don and I visited Rockingham Jct. NH during 2016. We were on our was to the National Narrow Gauge Convention in Maine. One layout we visited was not too far away from this location so we took the time to backtrack. The other views are all ones I purchased from George Melvin this spring. Some are beginning to fade or disappear so they are scanned first...George Dutka

There is some restoration happening to the station when we visited on Sept 6, 2016.
B&M wreck which happened on January 29, 1947 while handling 97 cars. The cars are to be burned on March 26, 1947. This photo was taken on March 15 2019. George Melvin collection. Hard to believe the wreck would hang around that long before something was done about it.
B&M wreck near Rockingham Jct. taken 4 days after the photo above on March 19, 1947. George Melvin collection.
B&M no. 1007 a 4-4-0 at Rockingham Jct. May 19, 1934. Another poor quality photo but still neat to see. George Melvin collection.
B&M 4011 on M-7 Feb. 15, 1947 at Rockingham Jct. George Melvin collection.

B&M 4007 P-2 with 110 cars noted on the rear as at Rockingham Jct. Sept. 12, 1937. George Melvin collection.

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