Thursday, 30 June 2016

Creative Laser Design - Section House

A new section house for the White River Division.
North of White River Jct. along the Connecticut River line one finds a small section house that Creative Laser Design has made a model of. I have seen very similar section houses here in Ontario on the CPR. I purchased this structure at Springfield a couple of years ago as I always thought it was a neat little structure...I actually had taken photos of the prototype a couple of decades ago. After visiting Don Janes last fall and seeing how his model turned out I pulled my kit out and built it in short order last December.

The kit is very basic. All that one needs is seen here partly assembled.
I pulled up some of the siding boards, added bracing and gluing the whole structure together with Canopy glue. Not included but added is trim under the eves. The interior base got a coat of Hunterline weathering mix followed by Floquil Grime. The walls got a wash of Folquil tuscan red with a dab of caboose red. I then rubbed some Bragdon dark rust on the walls. I added the nail holes at this point. I just use a pin and eye ball the rows. I find they stand out better if I do this after the powders are added. The roofing I changed out with Northeastern Scale Lumber Co. gray slate HOSNG1B1. The stack is a CNR Juneco caboose stack similar to what I saw on the prototype many years ago....George Dutka

A square and canopy glue is used to assemble the four walls.

The structure is assembled and ready for paint and stain. As the whole structure is the same colour, painting will be easy.

The platform is ready for installation while the roof edges are painted black along with the underside.

A smoke stack similar to what I saw on a visit decades ago is applied.

The door is modeled partly open.

The pulled up boards are seen on the side wall. The nail holes are added after by eye balling the rows.

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