Friday, 17 June 2016

D&H Boxcars on the WRD

A pair of D&H 40' boxcars are heading into Bellows Falls, Vermont on the WRD.
I have a couple of  D&H boxcars in the WRD fleet. These come out for my summer session. I recently found a few more D&H dry transfers that I think Peter and I will put to use in the fall....George Dutka

This car is a stock Kadee PS-1 car that I weathered and added a loading placard to...a really nice model.

This car I purchased already lettered in the 1980's. I think it is a Tyco car. I added new stirrups, wire grabs and bleed rod at that time. Since then I have added some chalk and powder weathering and a newer looking placard.


  1. Really nice looking cars George! And such a great setting to see them in

    1. Thank Chris...glad you liked them...George