Monday, 6 June 2016

Southern New England Ry - A Second Look

The photo backdrop adds a lot of realism to this scene. It is hard to believe this is a model train in the background.
Peter and I took so many photos of Jason's layout we had a hard time deciding which ones to use. Here are a few more that highlight features and structures seen on his layout. The photos are a mix of Peter Mumby's and mine...George Dutka

To make it easier reaching back into the layout a motorized pop up section was constructed and it does not interrupt the race taking place.

There are lots of places to live on the SNR such as these nicely detailed walk-ups.

I feel this was the most impressive structure on the layout. Peter and I saw many prototype structures on our trip that looked very similar.

Another angle of the structure above.
Jason did a very realistic job of laying out this street side scene.


  1. It looks like the big mill was done from Ed Fulasz plaster castings.

  2. Not sure John but it sure looks good...George

  3. Could you tell me if the backgrounds were made by using photo shop or if they are commercially available?
    Thanks' for sharing the photos George.
    Indeed, its an other well done layout!

    1. Hi Marc: I believe they are commercially made. I think might be custom though...don't recall all the details but they sure are realistic. It may have been mentioned in the 2010 MR article...George

  4. American Optical building is a nicely scaled down version of the real thing in Southbridge, MA! Recognized the name and the building from my trips by it while living in central MA.