Thursday, 9 June 2016

Robertson Paper Co.

Robertson Paper mounted on Gatorfoam and ready to be mounted on the WRD. The Gatorfoam roadway is painted primer gray then coated with light colour powders.
I built this Monster Modelworks structure back last winter. A few months ago (March 26th) I posted a group of views of the finished scene. Mike McNamara recently mentioned in his blog working on Roberson reminding me I had yet to cover my construction efforts for this structure.

This is an all wood laser cut kit which I used canopy cement to glue together. The kit included enough bracing. I used car red primer for the base coat. I have not done much colouring of brick, never working with wood brick. This is more of an experiment for me. Over the red I gave the structure a coat of Hunterline cottage white followed by their light gray which coloured the mortar to some degree. I then dry brushed some Floquil boxcar red over the bricks followed by more cottage white. One wall I tried dusting Bragdon powders over the wall which I did not like at all, it was wiped off. The powders worked well as highlights and weathered stains for me. Floquil concrete is used on all the stone work.

The doors and windows needed some sanding to get a proper fit. They are painted Floquil Pullman green. Glazing in the windows are given a flat finish coating. Rafters are painted black along with the underside of the roofing. Two roof stacks are black also. I photocopied the signs before adding so backups are available. The photos tell the rest of the story...George Dutka

The laser cut wood is sealed with automotive red primer. More colouring will be added.
Hunterline stains and Flouqil paints are used at this point.

Hunterline Cottage White and light gray is used as grout, but will be toned down shortly with Floquil boxcar red.
Canopy glue is used to attach the cardstock roofing. The underside is painted black before installation.
The roof is on and my signs are seen ready to be installed. On the roof some weathering powders was added after some patches are added. Some areas got gloss coat brushed on to emulate tared seams.
Robertson Paper Co. is set in place in my Bellows Falls scene.
This photo was used a few weeks ago in a Wordless Wednesday. I took this photo during my March-April trip to New England with Peter Mumby. The early evening light really gives one a much better idea as to the variations in the brick other words whatever one does to a model's brick wall is good.


  1. MMW brick texture is terrific. I'm planning to use their brick sheet for a future late 19th century cotton mill. Your weathering did brick a lot of life on that structure.

  2. Hi Matthieu...your right their brick sheets are a great building material...George

  3. Thanks for the pics George. I just installed the roof the other night. I agree great material to work with. Such a quality kit, I've enjoyed every minute of it. Worst part was probably window installs as I also had to do some sanding to get a good fit, but not too bad. I'm going add some tar seams as you did, looks good, then install the 2 rook vents and that will do it.

  4. Hi Mike...the windows sure was the hard part...only because there are so many. Glad to hear the project is going well...George