Thursday, 23 June 2016

Pan Am - North Billerica, Ma

Pan Am Railways offices, North Billerica, Ma.
During my spring trip Peter and I spent a rainy Saturday afternoon checking out locations along the old B&M. Mainly locations we could get shots of commuter traffic. We made a stop at North Billerica, Ma. The station is still standing and refurbished (will cover this later) and a Boston bound train was in the picture. Once we got our shot we decided to stop in at the Pan Am offices which once was a big B&M and Guilford shop area. Today it is nothing...many of the buildings that are useful are rented out. Here is what we saw. This weeks Wordless Wednesday was a view looking inside one of the building....George Dutka

One of the abandoned shop buildings.

A look inside through the open door...looks like it is about to fall down.

Across from the main office building.
Although there is the no T sign here there are some small industries that one has access to within the shop area. We took all our photos from the car though since it was raining and also did not want any conflict.

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