Tuesday, 11 June 2019

Essex Steam RR and Old Saybrook Station

Essex Steam RR #40 was just pulling out of the station when we arrived.

Live Steam and Modern Passenger Trains...by Don Janes

              While attending the NERPM meet George and I had a few free hours on Sat. afternoon.  We decided to head down to see the Essex Steam RR and then pop into the Amtrak Old Saybrook commuter station a few miles south. .As we pulled into the parking lot the steam train was just about ready to depart so we took up our position to photograph steam engine #40 as it was leaving town.  Good timing there. Once it was gone we had ample time t stroll around and check out some of the various equipment around the grounds.  About 40 minutes after #40 had left an empty dinner train pulled in behind a GE 80 ton switcher.  Shortly after #40 returned running tender first. Another load of passengers would soon depart Essex to take a ride on the steamboat up the river.
  Most of the equipment used on the trains and on display is in excellent condition. No rusting hulks laying around here.  
     After watching #40 depart for the second time we decided to head down to the station at Old Saybrook. Even for a Saturday afternoon there was a steady parade of commuter trains and Amtrak trains running between Hew Haven and New London, Ct. 
    The station platform is a great place to catch all the action and stay safely away from the tracks. In just a short period we caught three trains at the station. After that it was time to head back to the hotel, have a cold beer before supper and then take in the evening clinics.

This beautifully restored Pennsylvania caboose was carrying the markers on the train.
0901 is an interesting diesel. According to the Essex RR equipment roster it is a GE 80 ton deisel, ex US Navy #2
New Haven caboose C-540 has been beautifully restored to its original colour scheme. When I was there in Oct. 2017 it was still in the shop being restored.
This Ex PRR baggage car has also been nicely restored.  It was also in need of work when I was last there. Too bad it wasn't repainted into Pennsy colours.
Trains aren't the only things that have been restored at Essex.  They have done a great job on this old truck Also.

0902 was on the point of the empty dinner train returning to Essex.  It is another GE 80 Tonner.
Here we see #40 returning, running tender first to pick up another load of passengers for the steam boat ride.
A timeless scene of an engineer "oiling around"
An old double ended snow plow was stored on a spur track across from the station

A cab car was leading up this train to New London.  Those red and white stripes will sure catch your attention.
A New Haven bound cmmuter train is just pulling into Old Saybrook

Our last train for the day was this Amtrak train led by an electric locomotive.  


  1. George, if you'd like a "bucket list" opportunity, sign up for the "Hand on the Throttle" program at Essex Steam Train! MY wife gave me the opportunity as a Christmas gift, and it was incredible. You have a short book, class, and safety test to pass - but then you're the engineer (with a pro at your shoulder) for 18 mile trip up and back down the Connecticut River.

  2. Thanks for the information Geof, that sounds neat...never run a steam engine before...think Don would like that also...George