Thursday, 31 May 2012

Bridge St. - White River Jct.

Bridge St. looking towards the downtown area of WRJ. The station is a short walk to my left.
 Bridge Street Railway Underpass
White River Junction, Vermont
 Re-post from April 2012
If you have been following along on Marty McGuirk's "Central Vermont Railway" blog, a recent post is about the WRJ Bridge St. underpass he is modelling. I photographed that WRJ scene last October on my walk in the area. I had just finished taking some photos of the RR bridge that was damaged after the flooding last summer and thought I would take the following photos on my way back to my car. I was going to send the photos to Marty but I have decided to share them with you also...George Dutka

This photo was taken from the roadway bridge during my Oct. 2011 visit. The white and green building seen off on the right  is the old WRJ fire hall. A early era photo viewing this building is seen below.
The Bridge St. fire hall in White River Junction can be seen during the 1927 flooding. This photo was taken from the CV tracks most likely on the bridge. If you model this scene you might want to add the service station as added interest.

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