Wednesday, 30 May 2012

O&LC - Lisbon, NY

The ex-Rutland Ry. station is refurbished and used as a local museum, as seen in this March 2012 photo.

 Refurbished Rutland Ry. Station
Lisbon, NY
Re-post from April 4, 2012

On my spring trip I crossed over from Ontario to New York state at Ogdensburg, NY. A location I have never visited on the old Ogdensburg and Lake Champlain Ry or I should say the Rutland Ry., Ogdensburg Division. Unfortunately there was not a lot to see in Ogdensburg. The engine is located in a fenced in area and most of the yard is also within the compound.  I continued on and stopped at a few of the old Rutland Ry. station sites which I had not visited before. The first was Lisbon, NY., mile post 112 on the Rutland Ry. The station is in excellent shape and now houses the town museum. You will have to check the town web site for dates and hours open. This station is the towns second, built sometime between 1931-1933.

Today Ogdensburg bound train traffic still passes by the old Lisbon, NY station en route to Norwood, NY and connections with the CSX. The Vermont Railroad now operates the line as The New York and Ogdensburg Railway Co. as seen in the flier.

The photos above views the station from different angles and the trackage in the area. If one did know the trains schedule a really nice action photo could be taken as the area is very accessible.

Also in town was a Sheffield Farms creamery which was still shipping bulk milk in the 1950's. The creamery was west of the main crossing. I could see the switch but did not walk down to see if the structure was still standing. Warren Dodgson did take photos of the creamery in 1995 and at that time it still appeared in good condition then.

On to the next stop...George Dutka

This building once had a single switch siding and was run by C.B. Wright in the 1930's then J.F. Carragher in the last years of the Rutland Ry. which handled feed, coal and other farm related items. At one time coal bins and oil tanks could be found on the property.

This photo is looking towards Ogdensburg, NY from the main highway crossing. The station is to my back. The switch you see off in the distance was to the Sheffield Farms creamery, There also once was an overhead roadway bridge between the switch and the main crossing.

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  1. The former creamery, and donut factory, is still standing. It's in rougher shape but is used for storage.