Thursday, 31 May 2012

Central Vermont Caboose #4046

Today CV 4046 is on display at Komoka, Ont.
   Central Vermont Steel Caboose #4046 
Komoka Railway Museum, Komoka, Ontario
Re-post from April 2012
One New England artifact that resides a few miles from my home in London, Ont. is an ex-CV caboose. Once the CV began cabooseless operations the fleet was transferred to the GTW and this one became GTW 79198. The CV did hold onto one caboose for special assignments. At some point...don't recall the year (at least 15 years ago) the Komoka Railway Museum approached CNR for a display caboose. They already had the station and order board from Komoka plus a CNR baggage car. The CNR did have a group of cabooses in storage in Port Huron, Michigan. From these one was awarded to the museum and to their surprise one arrived at a later day. The caboose received a coat of painted once it arrived. It kept its  same GTW number. One can still see the ridges from the CV numbering and lettering which was applied as a tape decal...maybe at some point it will be re-lettered in its original logo...George Dutka

April 2012 at Komoka, Ont.

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