Thursday, 31 May 2012

Welcome Aboard

I took this photo with my then new Canon digital pocket camera in Dec 2008 while visiting Don Janes Green Mountain Division. The B&M yard office is just across the main line from the shop track which on this day was full...George Dutka photo
 White River Division
 Co-blogger Don Janes

A re-post from May 2012

You will be getting something extra on my blog beginning now. Don Janes has come on board to add some posts when he has time. I visited Don yesterday as we have not seen each other since he left on winter holidays back in Feb-March. I also took a look downstairs at what is left of the old Green Mountain Division. Don is in the process of rebuilding the old portion of his layout with a new concept.

Since I do not have a lot of spare time at the moment Don has offered to do some posting as his time permits. Don is an awesome New England modeller and also takes some really great onward...George Dutka

One of my favourite scenes on the older portion of the Green Mountain Route is the Roundhouse which reflects the North Conway, NH prototype. Don also did draw some inspiration for this structure from Dick Elwell's shop scene.

In the past White River Junction yard which Don is leaning on was full of rolling stock, today it holds recently removed structures. Many of these building from Don's torn out section will be reused in the rebuild. Note the roundhouse and yard office seen above in the pile.

Thanks for the kind words George.  I really enjoy your BLOG and am looking forward to adding posts of my own now and then.  Here is one of my favourite shots from my old layout.  It won first place in the 2007 MR photo contest.  I hope I can incorporate the mill into my new layout...Don Janes

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