Thursday, 31 May 2012

Penryn Fruit Co.

Penryn Fruits Co. is now completed and ready for us to installed on our dioramas. Peters model is on the right and mine is to the left.
 RailroadKITS - A smaller laser kit

"get your feet wet without spending a lot of modelling money"

Re-Post from April 2012

Once again Peter Mumby and I built another RailroadKITS offering. This time we picked the tiny Penryn Fruit Company Penryn Fruit Co. one of the smaller laser kits offered. The footprint is 3" by 2.5". The kit's web site states " This HO scale structure is small and Simple To Build. If you've never built a wood structure, this is an ideal kit to get your feet wet without spending a lot of money.``

When I opened the package the kit included laser cut walls, paper shingles, strip wood bracing, Tichy windows, and really nice laser printed paper signs. My kit did not provide any card stock roofing but Peter's kit did. As it turned out the roofing was undersized so we cut out some new pieces that suited us better. I did have to download and print the instruction sheets which was handy to have laying in front of us.
The instruction sheets downloaded from RailroadKITS web site plus all the detail parts included. I have already glued the bracing needed to hold the corners together.
The laser wall panels had some embossing applied as nail holes. We then glued all the supports as per instructions and assembled the four walls. We decided to give our buildings a weathered look. The structure was stained with Hunterline original mix. Once dried a wash of Floquil D&RGW yellow was added, then a randomly applied wash of Floquil grime covered selected areas. We then applied some dry brushing of Floquil reefer white followed by dry brush highlights of D&RGW yellow under the overhang and areas that would have seen less weathering.

The windows and doors are painted Floquil SP lettering gray. They are glued in place. The upper window was modelled as opened. At this point the whole structure got some chalk weathering before the window glazing and paper curtains are added from the inside.

We replaced the roofing material that was included with the kit with #3086, BEST 36" rolled tar paper - black. Once applied we made a few cuts as the sheeting would have been applied. Some chalk weathering was added. I went light on mine but Peter poured it on and it actually looks really good. The last step was cutting the signs and using some as paper billboards and others as metal signs. The billboards are sanded thin then well covered in glue. Some weathering is added to the signs but they are well weathered as printed.

I have yet to place my Penryn Fruits on my layout or small diorama...I will do a follow up post once a home is found for this neat little structure. I really like my building and recommend this kit even if you are not a beginner in laser structure modelling...George

The structures are near completion. We made new card stock roof bases as the one included with Peter's kit just did not have enough overhang for our liking. I had already added some roofing to mine when I took this photo. All that is needed to complete this kit are the signs and roofing.
The walls, windows and doors are weathered prior to adding the signs and roofing. We really wanted a more weathered looking siding, so Hunterline original mix was first applied before painting.
                  A front view of the completed structure, Peter's building is on the right and mine on the left.

Some of the signs are seen on the two finished models.

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