Thursday, 31 May 2012

Milton. Vermont

A stop in Milton, Vermont in mid March while I travelled through New England.
Rolling along the Central Vermont
Re-post from April 2012 

On day two of my road trip I started my day in St. Albans by taking a few photos of the Vermonter before departure. I had also stopped by the roundhouse for a quick look around. Early morning roundhouse photos are right into the sun...later in the day is best. I decided to also catch the Vermonter on the Georgia High Bridge near Milton, Vermont. A location I have not photographed in years. After getting my photos on the bridge, I decided to check out the old CV right of way in Milton, Vermont. I had not been here in a decade or two. It had not changed, everything looked as I remembered it. The ex-freight house is still standing, along with the feed mill to the north. Also the Milton Co-Op creamery still stands but as a shell. The station which was located across from the frt. house is long gone...George Dutka

The old CV frt. house looking north.
Looking at the frt. house north and west walls.
Looking north, the main line is to my left and the old CV boxcar is now used as storage on the feed mill siding. This boxcar has not moved in years.
A track side view.
I took this photo looking north from the main crossing in Milton, Vermont. The station would have been on the left side of the photo across from the freight house.

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  1. Looks like it ought to be lifted whole and put on a layout somewhere!