Sunday, 6 January 2013

Feed Mill - Fairlee, Vermont

A roadside view of the mill in Fairlee, Vermont
A mill worth modelling
Last fall I took a group of photos of  a neat looking mill located in Fairlee, Vermont. It is located next to the ex-B&M station. Out back one can see were a siding used to be. The mill appears in good shape and probably has not changed much since the 1950's. The narrow loading structure and dock with access on both the road and rail sides is located on the south end and could be a place to add a lot of details such as sacks, barrels and boxes. A structure such as this can inspire one to built a similar looking mill...George Dutka

Looking south at the mill from the tracks. Some of the neat features are the asphalt shingles on the walls and green rolled tar paper roofing. The brick chimney, window styles add to the effect.

I took this photo from the station location. I am looking south.

A roadside view looking north. The long loading area is seen to the right.

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