Sunday, 27 January 2013

St. J & LC Combine Kit

St.J&LC or B&C  RPO-baggage-coach
Bruce Douglas sent me this ad found in RMC for a kit he just purchased. He has been modelling the St. J for decades and recently decided to get out of HO scale modelling. Here are his comments.
"Sheesh, George, I;m trying to get out of HO trains???...I've just ordered one of these SJL combines! Number #113...I really like it! This ad is appearing in the new RMC, Jan. 2013, page 30. John informed me there's only twenty of each car produced and now he's hoping he'll have one of each left for the Springfield Show. CEO St.J&LC BRUCE"
I'm getting the feeling Bruce is not getting out of HO scale any time soon...George Dutka

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