Saturday, 12 January 2013

What's in the Box? - No. 1

RailroadKITS - Fisher Fuels

A look at what one will find inside the box of the fuel dealer. The walls are laser cut wood with lots of interior supports and corner trim. The windows I have already cleaned up and are by Tichy. The metal castings next to the windows are very nice and I think are from BEST or Crow River Products. The yellow sheet is the door instruction sheet. All other instructions are found on-line. I have already started the kit and all goes together nicely following the instructions.

Inside the box one can see a cast plaster chimney wrapped in bubble warp. The roofing is heavy card stock and the shingles are laser cut paper. There also is some formed wire pieces for making exterior lamps. The photo viewed I took at this years Lancaster, Pa. Expo. One item missing is the large oil tank that is included with the kit but was out of stock when I purchased my kit. Since then Don Janes ordered the same kit and had my oil tank shipped to his house last month. At some time we will get together and I will show you how the tank looks in the raw and possibly Don and I can do a joint post of our finished models...George Dutka

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