Friday, 25 January 2013

Bachmann Sound B&M RS-3's

Fresh out of the box two B&M RS-3's have arrived on the White River Division. Although they currently are both wearing the same number, one will become 1538. I had originally thought to strip and repaint one for the CV but they look too good for that.
New power arrives on the White River Division

On Monday Don Janes visited with two B&M RS-3's in hand. Don found a deal if he committed to a half dozen sound RS-3 B&M engines. Next to me Don found two other New England modeller's to take up his offer and the deal was done. On his visit Don also brought along Bill Moore. Bill was also in on the RS-3 deal. Bill's B&M layout was featured in the Aug. 2012 MR. His layout was also featured on that cover. We had a nice visit and ran a few trains.

The next day I got my engines out, test running them and reprogramming both. They both run great and sound as good as they look. I currently have CV-3 set at 40 and CV-4 also at 40, which was suggested by Don. Using these CV's the RS-3 throttle up nicely before moving. They also coast a good way before coming to a stop. Don mentioned if you need to stop them in a hurry just hit the reverse button...but if you are in the yard that is what the stop blocks are for...I know from personal experience...cheers...George Dutka.

My two units will be given some additional details and  weathering before they are assigned to regular runs. I also have to put a hogger behind the control stand.

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  1. I like the idea of high momentum values for diesels and have done that with some CNR GS-412s and a GS-413 I have. I set CV 3 at 50 and CV 4 at 30, so stopping is a little easier.

    Always enjoy your posts, George... keep 'em coming!