Tuesday, 8 January 2013

New Monthly Feature - Snapshot

I introduced a few regular features to the CVRHS  Ambassador in 2002. This was during the last year I edited the quarterly. The reason being we did not have a new editor in place yet and I felt a few short features on a regular basis could fill the quarterly. One was CV Snapshot, a single view with a bit of a story about the location and what lead to the photo being taken. A railfan type of photo. The first Snapshot feature ran in my last issue as editor back in 2002. Dwight Smith took up the role of editing this feature at that time. The CVRHS is currently trying to revive this feature and Dwight is still in charge if you wish to contribute.

I received  a neat DVD from Don Janes over the holidays...kind of a history of his RR career and his modelling which got me thinking. Some of Don's views included railfan's track side on his layout taking photos. I thought that Snapshot might be kind of a neat idea as a monthly feature. A railfan shot of Don's or my layout with a bit of a story about the photo. We probably could also include a few prototype Snapshot's along the way also...to begin this feature we will take a look at my first CV Snapshot shortly which ran in the 2002 Ambassador.

While I am at it I also will run  randomly a feature, "What's in the box", a look at what are in some of my model railroad kits before beginning construction. I myself always like to see what is included with a kit before I purchase it...this might give you a better idea before purchasing it.

Some of my other old CVRHS features maybe resurrected at some point such as Milkcans and Milktrains, Equipment Scrapbook, and Shop Track to mention a few...George Dutka

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  1. More great ideas I need to steal for my blog . . . !