Saturday, 18 January 2014

Carman's Shed for the White River Division

The White River Junction carman's shed is now in place. As a joint B&M - CV facility, the CV crew brought over there stove and CNR stack for winter heat. I also added a B&M placard to the boxcar door. It was reduced from the full size prototype.
I needed to add a few shanties to my rebuilt WRJ yard. I decided to make the carman's shack a boxcar. I used a Walthers-TrainMinitures outside braced shell. I took off the doors, trimmed off the over scale stuff and attached opened enough to add a caboose door. The ends are cut out and a piece of styrene is added to emulate the B&M style of ends. I was not worried about the details on the ends as boxcar doors and ladders covered most of it. I replaced the roof walk with broken pieces of styrene and a CNR caboose stack. I glued on a bill box and a small window. I did not cut out an opening for the window as I would just blacken it out. Both the door and window got a styrene overhang. The whole project to this point only took half an hour. I actually spent more time painting lettering and weathering the car.

I painted the boxcar Floquil Tuscan red. The B&M logos are from Walthers while the lettering are just left over CDS dry transfers. I was not worried about the numbering as I only added a few numbers. The decals went on without any gloss underneath and did not get any dulcote over top which still worked out well. Once the decals and lettering was on I just applied a lot of weathering using Bragdon powders....George Dutka

This shed turned out to be an easy build using whatever I had on hand at the time. Note the broken roof walk, the styrene ends and ladder attached. A caboose door was used as an entrance.
A test fit at its new home. I still would need a good amount of details scattered around to bring it to life.
The finished that the carman are well supplied...they can get to work on the rips found around the yard.

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