Thursday, 9 January 2014

Snapshot - January 2013

On the road one really cold winter day...with all the record cold weather this week it is really easy to remember that trip. Don Janes and I are on our way to the Springfield model railroad show back in January 2010. We decided to follow the old B&M line to East Deerfield when we came across a Sperry car at Pownal, Mass. We did not have much luck that day seeing any trains other than this track unit...we did find some action in East Deerfield yard though. As one can see I decided to include Don in one of my photos for the record...a short time after both our cameras became frozen from the cold. We actually had to thaw them out in the car and carry them inside our coats for the rest of the day while outside.....I am hoping for a better visit next time round....George Dutka

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