Friday, 31 January 2014

WRD - A Look at White River Junction

Currently the WRJ station is viewed from the B&M side. The ball signal is at the left side of this photo along with the diamond crossing. The track in the foreground heads north to St. J. The B&M caboose is on the tail end of a Westboro bound freight. In the foreground a young boy waves at his dad at work while mom looks on.
White River Junction is looking a lot better now.

I took these photos about two weeks ago...thought I would share them with you. It is a newer look to the town and yard. Since the time of the photos I have added a few more structures and details, but have yet to take any more photos. I have most of the Westboro scene together now. I did decided to use a portion of the RailroadKITS "Fisher Fuels" in this scene. I also thought that my new BEST Elwell freight house which is included with the general store offering works better in place of the Westboro station. It will be a removable module so the station can be built and dropped in from time to time....George Dutka

This is how the CV coal tower area of WRJ yard currently looks. Since I took this photos I have added a structure similar to that of the old  two floor CV yard master-operator building. For the foreground roadway I actually used some cinder-dirt mix found in the WRJ area.
I added a drop in module along the WRJ yard outside edge. It is actually about half way down the yard. If one hangs a right at the mailbox you will arrive at the B&M WRJ yard office.
One of the section shanties is of CNR heritage similar to those used by the CV in the WRJ yard. The CV had a few of these shanties scattered around White River Junction. The CV also had an old wooden boxcar right next to one shanty. Mine has a B&M wooden boxcar next door for the time being.

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