Friday, 3 January 2014

Finishing the Scene

The garage is now in place at the edge of the layout just outside of Bellows Crossing...I still have to paint the face boards once all the scenery work is done. One can see the steam boiler for the outdoor saw mill at the far right. The hobo's are hanging out behind the pine trees.
I finished the area at the location I placed my Welcome to Bellows Falls garage. It is located just a few feet from Bellows Crossing. At some point I will take some more photo of the area. The Woodland Scenic maroon car is driving up a steep grade so I needed to drill a hole and attach a wire to the under body. I then drilled a hole into the road for placement.  I also added some hobo's on the ridge and a small outdoors saw mill...George Dutka

This was how the scene looked like for sometime. My old  main line which used to run in the foreground can be seen off to the right. I took out the main line switch and left some of the trackage in as abandoned. The switch was reused in the Westboro scene. I also left some abandoned  trackage  at the CV White River Jct. coaling tower. The roadway is seen needing minor rebuilding and the whole scene went together easy. It was fun adding all the small details that  I once used at other locations on the layout.

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