Thursday, 23 January 2014

Swift 37' Reefer - Rapido

Last week Peter brought over my reefer order that has taken a few years to materialise. I compared my new model with one offered a few years ago by Atlas. The first thing one realises is the size difference. The Rapido model is much larger all around. I always thought the Atlas model was a bit on the small size. The details are finer on the Rapido car also. I will have to repaint the roof as I did on the Atlas model. The Swift roofs are boxcar red. The Rapido cars roof is actually a different red than the sides but not boxcar red. Another detail that differs is brake wheels and ladders. The Atlas has grab irons and stem brake wheel. This is the only version I have seen of this particular car. Maybe because the photos are pre 1950. The Rapido model has a more modern brake wheel and metal ladders. My guess is the ladders are upgraded at the same time as the brake wheel. I am not sure when, but I believe the old style of wheels was outlawed by the 1950's. The Swift model is a great addition to my rail car fleet...George Dutka

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