Monday, 19 June 2017

A Visit To Exporail

This electric locomotive was used to power commuter trains through the Mount Royal Tunnel

The Inside Collection - Part Don Janes

     As one continues to stroll through the huge indoor display at Exporail you keep discovering new and unique pieces of equipment.  If you were to read evey information plaque and go through every open car you could easily spend several hours just in the "Great Hall". For anyone who has not visited Exporail I highly suggest you add it to your "to do" list.  It makes for a great outing.
    So, lets continue our tour and once we get through the indoor collection we'll head outside to see what they have on display there.
This CPR inspection car was in immaculate shape.  I looks like CPR officials road in style.  The nickname "the Leaky Roof" railroad sure doesn't apply here.
CNR 49 was a 4-6-0T which was used on suburban runs in Montreal.  Here she is preserved in excellent condition.  Compare this photo to one of sister 47 take in Steamtown, PA in Oct.2016.  Seems a shame to let her just sit and rot.
This CNR Rotary Snowplow has been beautifully restores.  Notice from the tender this was an oil burner when retired. The last time I was at Eporail it was sitting outside gathering rust. Indoor storage certainly assures these pieces will be around a long time and good shape.
CPR cabooses were represented also as can be seen by this great looking wood sheathed caboose.  Many old CPR cabooses had plywood sheeting added to them in later years.
CPR 8905 was one of a fairly large group of F-M Trainmasters that CP used on their southern British Columbia line.  Most were based out of Nelson, BC. 8905is a long way from her old stomping ground
UTLX 11204 is a very old tank car.  Note how high the running boards were on these cars.  That would be quite a climb to get to the handbrake in a hurry
This car had quite a different hand brake setup.  It looks like it would be pretty awkward to get to and use.
#77 was one of CNR's first diesel switchers and featured an early style of carbody that allowed good visibility.  Note that the crew had to enter the locomotive through the red door on the side as these units had no end platforms.
CPR 4744 was a one of a kind M640.  It had  an ALCO 251F, 18 cylinder engine rated at 4000HP. It was retired in 1992 and donated to Exporail in 1998. 

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