Thursday, 15 June 2017

OVAR June Presentation

An overview of the station and display at Smith Falls railway museum. June 12, 2017
Don and I made a three day trip to Ottawa for a presentation of our two layouts to the OVAR. Hope the boys liked it. We ran a bit over what we thought we would, but trying to squeeze two layouts into the time of one can be tough.

Greg Stubbings was a great guide and host showing us the town plus a couple of great layouts. More on the layouts in later posts. The models on display was really nice to see at the dinner and being election night Don and I are glad we don't hold positions in the OVAR now. There was about 100 members at the dinner that are a great gang of modelers that really made us feel at home.

I was surprised to see a new station in Belleville. Here we see the new with the old.
On our way to Ottawa we made a short stop to stretch at Belleville and a longer break at Smith Falls to check out the museum and CP yard. Don had planned on staying longer in the area checking out more layouts and heading to Montreal for a visit at the ExpoRail. I had a rail ticket for Wednesday morning to head home. Don changed his plans a bit offering to get me home by Wednesday night if I tag along via ExpoRail for a short visit. Being a nice sunny day and getting a really good start from Ottawa we were able to spend a couple of hours at the museum and still get home by 9pm....more on all of this later...George Dutka

Some of the models on display at this months OVAR dinner.

Here we have from left to right Bill Scobie, Mike Hamer and Don Janes just before dinner. The dinner meeting is held in the middle of the Little Italy district and in particular the Italian club. One knows there was going to be way more food than one can eat including of course pasta.
On display was this nicely built model by Greg Stubbings our guide and host.
We visited with Bill Scobie and operated for a bit on his Sn3 layout. Here we have Greg our guide, Don and Bill.

Greg took us over to Tom Hood's Canadian Northern layout. Tom was the man behind those great CDS dry transfers.

Don is the switchman on Tom's layout for a bit.

At ExpoRail there is a trolley one can ride with a stop right at the enterance. There was a lot of school groups with this gang about to board for a ride around the ground.

An overview of the turntable area.


  1. George and Don,

    Thanks so much for a brilliant "double header" presentation here in Ottawa! You really wow'd the members of OVAR with the great overview of your layouts from planning to completion. You both have brought the scenes from around WRJ to life in such a realistic fashion. Superb modelling on both your parts. You are both very talented presenters as well. It was a joy getting the opportunity to meet you here in the nation's capital!

    All the best,
    Mike Hamer
    Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

    1. Hi Michael:
      Thanks, was nice to meet you and wished we had more time to talk. Maybe the next time I am in your area we can get together...George