Monday, 5 June 2017

Soo Line Ry - Caboose Model

This model really looks great once Jim got his hands on it.
Back this spring at the Woodstock model railroad flea market Jim Sloan picked up this used caboose from Peter Mumby (Peter's Trains) for $10. Jim put some effort into weathering it up and I am sure Peter would gladly take it by Jim Sloan...George Dutka

This caboose was brand new a month ago...railroading on Jim's layout is sure hard on equipment by the looks of this photo. With all this fast forward weathering happening  I wonder if it will make it till the end of the summer or will it be found at the scrap yard.


  1. That thing looks disgusting... nice job!

  2. Jim has a real eye for making things look old and worn....George