Friday, 23 June 2017

Sand Tower Module

Looking down at the sand tower and shop details.
In this post we find the finished views of my sand tower diorama. As mentioned before it is made on an off-cut Styrofoam piece. This diorama will be used to display my steam engines that don't run anymore or just need to be displayed...George Dutka

I did something different with my trackwork. This area got some heavy weathering following what I have learned from FOS Scale models.

I added a lot of smaller details and static grass along the edges and between the rails near the end of the tracks.

The fence is scratchbuilt. I added some golden rod to the scene. Note I have  also used a leftover Osborn Models barricade.

I had a pickup truck that I painted and weathered up. Not a great model but by the time I added plates some painted details and some interesting things in the box it looked pretty good.

The roadway had some fine static grass added down the middle. A better look at my pickup truck.

A look down the tracks into the scene.

Another overview of my little diorama.

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