Saturday, 24 June 2017

Boarding it up!

Imagine That structure including boarded up windows. I took these photos at this years NFR convention.
If one is looking at modeling an abandoned or not in use structures, boarding up the windows is a detail one is looking at replicating. At this years NFR convention I noted a few windows boarded up on a structure displayed by Imagine That. I asked the company's model builder how he did it. The building being laser cut brick into wood he simply turned around the window cutouts and installed. The backside is smooth and actually looks a lot like plywood. He also adds some stained nail markings which really adds to the effects.

In the current issue of Model Railroad Hobbyist magazine there is an article by Barry Silverthorn who boards up a Walthers station using vernier card material from Lee Valley. It is a thin maple 2" X 3 1/2" sheet used to make novelty cards. Being thin it would be pron to warping if stained or paint is applied. One would have to consider PanPastels or powders to replicate weathered plywood...George Dutka

A close up look at the plywood panels.
On this model only one window is boarded up. It actually is the opening cutout turned around, another Imagine That structure.


  1. This is one of the most overlooked structure detail of the post-transition era. I've seen people obtaining great result by printing real plywood sheets on paper. One could use pictures of real boarded up windows so the plywood has realistic weathering pattern.

  2. Hi Matthieu:
    That's a great idea thanks for sharing...George