Saturday, 17 June 2017

White River Division - Photos

A B&M passenger is arriving at Bellows Crossing before the remodel a few years back. The station is actually a Rutland Car Shops kit of the North Dorset, Vermont station. Clare at Sylvan Scale Models produced the kit for RCS.
I have posted a few of the photos of my layout that I presented earlier this week for you to enjoy. I presented 60 views while Don had another 90. The original plan was to squeeze these into an hour. Guess what, it took us an hour and twenty five minutes with a bit of rushing near the end. Hope we did not put too many of the guys to sleep...George Dutka

A baggage car is left behind at the WRJ station platform, a Rapido offering.
A scene out front of the station before the remodel of the WRJ scene. This is the CV side of the station.

I took this photo a couple of weeks ago which is a nice overview of Westboro shop area and also the WRJ station and yard.
A Rutland Ry. van hop headed by a RS-1 is in behind the homes at Proctorsville, Vt. This is a scene made up of building flats.

Using my pocket camera this scene captures the rural look of the WRD. A Proto offering heads some Branchline CPR coaches toward Bellows Crossing.

An Athearn GP-7 once again is seen passing a farm house and apple orchard on the WRD.

And the last view is of a B&M way freight once again in the countryside just beyond the B&M milk platform. A BEST Models general store is seen in the background.

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