Sunday, 3 June 2012

Bragdon Weathering Products

My finished Tichy cement car with a good dose of Bragdon weathering applied to the roof and hatches.
Bragdon weathering powders 
Weathering a Tichy Cement car model
Re-post from April 2012
When I finally finished my most recent Tichy kit it gave me a canvas to try out my new purchase...8 small packages of Bragdon weathering. Bragdon Enterprises - Weather System I began on the underframe first testing out the product. I then moved along to the hatches and ends, finishing with the car sides. The boxcar  photo below views the roof done with a heavy dose of ash which looks a lot like cement powder. Although I think it looks great, I decided to weather the entire roof and tone down the bold cement look which is seen in the photo above.

Bragdon sells its weathering as singles or in a group package, which included four zip lock baggies of powder and four small square plastic containers to store it in. They recommend that each container be filled one quarter of the way saving the rest in the zip lock packages. I found that when a brush is dipped into the powder, the weathering is attracted to it. You only need a very little weathering, as the powder is bold when applied. I have found if moving the powder with a brush does not get the affect you want, try your fingers.

The two four pack weathering kits I purchased are #FF-161 which includes Ash, Dust Bowl Brown, Grimy Gray and Weathered Brown. #FF-60 "Rust & Weathering Kit" includes Soot, Medium Rust, Dark Rust and Light Rust.  These are half ounce packages.

On my D&H cement car roof I began with Ash powder on the hatches. I used Dark Rust over the entire roof with some Dust Bowl Brown applied randomly. I did use my fingers to blend some areas on to the next project...George Dutka

Four half ounce packages with containers are included in each order.

I originally weathered the Tichy D&H cement car with a good dose of Bragdon ash weathering. It looks great as is but I decided to tone it down and blend in other weathering over the entire roof.

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