Friday, 1 June 2012

White River Division's 100th Post

A Central Vermont freight lead by CNR 4520 awaits its turn at Bellows Crossing as a B&M freight departs. Things are jammed up in town and the White River Division staging appears to be overworked with the growing amount of freight currently being added. I need to work on my options.

White River Division's 100th post

Re-post of May 6th, 2012


Well I have hit 100 posts at about the time I am ending my modelling for this season. I launch my sailboat on Monday and probably will not be home till later next week. I do have a few post backlogged to keep things rolling but at best there might only be one post a week...with less through the summer months.


The White River Division trackage is overflowing with rolling stock as I have been building a regular supply of new equipment since I retired two and one half years ago. Funny the kit pile appears not to be shrinking.  This past modelling season I have had all my storage tracks full of trains and a couple stored on the main line. It has been tough to operate. Prototype yards are seen as full when the capacity reaches 60 per cent. I have been planning a yard in the next room which will represent Bellows Falls. I am hoping this yard will be what I need to hold my ongoing rolling stock projects...George Dutka

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