Monday, 18 June 2012

Millers Falls, Mass. Over and Under

You are looking north on the once CV main line. At this location the CV has a steep climbed out of Millers Fall, Mass. and crosses the east-west B&M main line.  The CV tracks cross over route 63 a few hundred yards behind me as I take this photo, March 2012.
 Crossing Over at Millers Falls, Mass.
 CV - B& they did it.

Have you visited a modellers layout and watched the train loop around the layout, then at some point one track climbs a steep grade and crosses over the other track...well that is exactly what happens with the Central Vermont at Millers Fall.

I stopped by Millers Falls shorty after visiting East Deerfield yard. Once I took a look around town...there is not much to see in regards to the railways, I went south out of town on route 63 to take a look at the location were the two railroads cross each other. I stopped about a quarter mile north of the bridge that carries the CV over route 63. There is a clearing that you can drive up to the B&M track. Since it was March it was easy to walk the bank to the crossing location. I think it might be much more difficult to do once the foliage is out. The photos seen here are from that visit. I did hang around for over half an hour since I could hear something that resembled a train switching but nothing arrived before I left. East Deerfield is not that far away and maybe the sounds from the yard echo through the hills. If you are visiting East Deerfield this location is maybe a 15 minute drive away and well worth a visit...maybe you will be lucky and catch a train...George Dutka.

Looking at the south side of the bridge.

North side of bridge

This is how the tackage looks like departing Millers Falls. I took this photo from an overhead bridge at the edge of town. Beyond this spot the CV trackage begins it rise to the crossover location maybe a mile away. The Central Vermont track is to the far left

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